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The Games

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(Bavarian Curling)

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Artboard 23.png

Jingle Bowls

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Known as Bavarian Lawn Bowls, Eisstock, an exhilarating game that brings the alpine spirit to life on our custom synthetic "glice" rink. The objective is simple yet challenging: land your Eisstock as close as possible to the puck.


At one end of the lane lounges the 'Baubowl,' a cheeky target ball that beckons your challenge.
Your mission? Roll your specially weighted bowl as close as possible to this festive baubowl. 

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Arcade Snow Sports

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Artboard 25.png

Step into nostalgia with our bank of retro arcade snow sport games, bringing a flurry of fun. Relive the golden age of arcade gaming with a snowy twist, where classic games meet alpine excitement.

Feel the rush of virtual slopes and the thrill of arcade competition as you and your friends take on these timeless games. Perfect for adding an extra layer of fun to your visit, our retro arcade is the ideal spot to test your skills, compete for high scores, and enjoy some lighthearted entertainment between rounds of Jingle Bowls and Eisstock.

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2nd December – 20th December 2024
City Of London

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Our Partners

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