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Winters Of The World


2nd December – 20th December 2024

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Experience Global Traditions in the Heart of the City

Dive headfirst into Winter's icy embrace, where ‘The Winters of The World’ unfolds a vibrant tapestry of global festivities and riveting games. Think of it as your passport to winter’s greatest hits, sans the travel!

Dream of rolling those ‘Jingle Bowls’! Feel the chill of our Scandinavian forest games arena, glittered with frost and lit up by the mystic dance of the Northern Lights. Take a trip to Aspen for a vivacious round of Cornhole, or immerse yourself in the ghostly glow of a game of Mölkky.

From the snowy slopes of the Alps to the enigmatic woodlands of Scandinavia, ‘The Winters of the World’ is not just another event. It’s a mesmerising global expedition, right on London’s doorstep. So, lace up, Londoners! Winter’s wildest adventures are beckoning
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Your Winters of
The World Experience 



As you step into the ‘Winters of the World, venture into a blend of alpine charm and Nordic mystique. Our dedicated hosts greet you with the warmth of an après ski chalet combined with the magic of a Scandinavian forest. Accept a sparkling drink to ignite your adventure, as the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights hints at the night ahead. Your festive sanctuary, echoing a ski lodge nestled deep in the woods, is set and ready with drink and food vouchers preloaded onto your ski passes ready for collection as your epicurean journey is about to begin.


Let the blend of alpine warmth and Scandinavian wilderness surround you. Sip a mulled wine or a festive inspired cocktail, feeling the togetherness of après-ski festivities amidst ancient trees and winter legends.


Embark on a tantalising trek across wintry landscapes. Dive into dishes that meld Alpine flavours with wintery traditions. We’ve meticulously curated our menu to ensure a gourmet journey that respects every palate and ensures everyone is well fed for the night ahead.


From the heart of the Alps to the soul of the North, our mixologists craft beverages that marry these two worlds. Savor the richness of a robust Alpine brew or lose yourself in the freshness of a winter-inspired cocktail. The globe is in your glass tonight.


Amid the backdrop of towering pines and under the shimmering Northern Lights, step into our Scandinavian enchanted forest and challenge yourself and your team in ‘Jingle Bowls’. Guided by our games master and his trusted team of actors and cheered on by the legend himself Mr Björn Owlafsson, every move you make becomes a story in itself. Our competitive socialising arena and further games allow you and the team to come together and team build in a fun and immersive environment, all set for a truly


As the sounds of our authentic après ski bands and DJ’s now merge with the increasing nordic beats of the forest. The Après ski arena comes life as you are transported to the ultimate party on the side of the slopes. Lose yourself in a night of rhythmic melodies, dance, and captivating performance. Let the festivities carry you into a world of memories, music, and winter magic together.




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Why Book Winters of the World

An unparalleled winter event that encapsulates global traditions in the heart of London.
A mouth-watering culinary journey featuring international cuisine, tailored to complement event themes and activities.
Partnering with internationally renowned drinks brands, ensuring a premium selection of beverages that resonate with global festive vibes.
A festive-themed enclosure that promises to transport guests to iconic winter destinations around 
the globe.
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Direct from the
French Alps, our bands bring the genuine energy and vibrancy of the mountain parties to
Finsbury Square.
An electrifying music experience delivered by some of London’s finest DJs, setting the perfect backdrop for a  memorable night.
Professional actors enhance the competitive socialising experience, ensuring it’s not just a game, but a captivating narrative-driven encounter.
A touch of enchantment with floor magicians ready to astonish guests, adding that extra sprinkle of wonder to 
the event.

“The Winters of the World” is not just an event—it’s a multi-sensory journey, a celebration of global winter traditions, and a promise of unforgettable moments, all in one mesmerising package.

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Event Dates


2nd December - 20th December 2024

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Join Us for an 
Unforgettable Journey

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The Winters of the World promises to redefine your perception of the traditional corporate Christmas party. Celebrate the unity of the global society in an event that’s as diverse and dynamic as the world itself. 

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1 x Alpine Tasting Menu

Live Entertainment


50 Minutes Jingle Bowls 
2 Drinks per Person
(Beer, Wine, Prosecco,
ingle Spirit Mixer, Soft Drinks)


1 x Alpine Tasting Menu  

Live Entertainment


50 Minutes Jingle Bowls 
4 Drinks per Person

(Beer, Wine, Prosecco,
Single Spirit Mixer, Soft Drinks)


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Live Entertainment

Premium Seating

Dedicated host for 3 hours 

Includes a Mölkky / Cornhole game


50 Minutes Jingle Bowls  

6 Drinks per Person
(Beer, Wine, Prosecco, 
Single Spirit Mixer, Soft Drinks)

1 x Alpine Tasting Menu  






50 Minutes Jingle Bowls  

6 Drinks per Person Including Cocktails
(Beer, Wine, Prosecco, 
Single Spirit Mixer, Soft Drinks)

1 x Alpine Tasting Menu  
Live Entertainment

Premium Seating

Dedicated host for 3 hours 

Includes a Mölkky / Cornhole game
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Embark on an Unforgettable Culinary Journey

Step into a world of culinary brilliance with Jonas Lodge, a visionary chef whose remarkable journey was mentored and nurtured by the legendary Heston Blumenthal at the The Fat Duck and the renowned 2 Michelin star chef Sergio Arola in Madrid. With 15 years at the helm as a head/exec chef, Jonas’s early breakthroughs took shape under the guidance of Paul Heathcote, a distinguished holder of 2 Michelin stars.


This Winter, prepare to embark on a truly unique journey as Jonas unveils an exclusive alpine tasting experience served in an informal roaming high-end bowl food concept - inspired by his deep-rooted passion for skiing. Drawing on his cherished memories and experiences in the mountains, Jonas has crafted a dining experience that blends his culinary expertise with the spirit of the slopes. Brace yourself for an extraordinary culinary adventure as Jonas Lodge’s alpine-inspired creations transport your taste buds to new heights.

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Our Partners

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